Hello, my name is Erick. I am the proud owner of Wedding Photography LA & OC. This company was

formed in order to cover the demand for commercials and special events in Los Angeles and Orange County. 

We all know the difficulties that have arisen during the pandemic. Feel at ease at knowing that all of my crew and I are double vaccinated and we always wear a mask while working every single event we are hired for. Your protection, and ours, is always at the top of our list. 


A little about myself. I have been shooting Special Events as a professional for 7+ years. I do this full time, unlike many others who do it part time because they lack the dedication, or enough work for it. I was made for this, to do this for a living, and to generate ever lasting work for all my clients. I am proud to say that I am a Photographer and also a Videographer. This means that I serve as the main photographer or videographer, unless we are booked for multiple events. In my team I have two other photographers, and three other videographers that completes our team. 

We use expensive, top-of-the line Canon, lenses, and flash equipment in order to generate the beautiful pictures that you see. We have a new style of editing called the "Dream Look" which makes our photos colorful, rich, vivid, and very sharp. You will see the difference once you see our pictures as compared to other photographers. With our traditional yet trendy style, you can be sure that our product will stand the test of time.

If you are looking for rich, top-of-the line photography then you've found the right place. You may look somewhere else for lower prices, but keep in mind that you will likely sacrifice quality and creativeness in photographs. We hope that you enjoy the rich and detailed pictures we provide. More will be uploaded soon!

Thank you!


Voyage LA Magazine

April 10, 2017

Wedding Photography LA & OC Article: Erick began his photography career by working for a small photography company that specialized in family, maternity and newborn photography. He began by being an assistant who helped during photo sessions...

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Website: Basic Invite (Wedding Invitations)

March 18, 2018

Photographer Erick Dell'aquila: Photographers, just like anyone in any industry, have their own way of preparing before shooting a wedding.

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