One Photographer

Over the years, we came to realize that one photographer is enough when he/she uses a double strap sling with two cameras (see picture below). On one side, the first camera is specific for close ups of 2-10 feet with the use of a lens specific for portraits and closeups. On the other side, the second camera is used specifically for far-away shots anywhere from 15-40 feet. This camera can capture the body completely, or it can get clear and vivid shots of the upper body from long ranges. 

Our photographer continually moves from front to back, left to right taking pictures from all sides and angles. We have come to master our craft, and depending on the lenses on the camera, positioning, amount of knowledge, and experience on the field, we know that one photographer will capture all of the special and necessary photographs without missing a beat. 

If we were to provide you with another photographer, then our prices would have to be higher, as that extra person would have to get paid. As a reference, almost all top or elite photographers will shoot a wedding or a special event with two cameras, as seen on this picture.