Making Your Deposit

In order to book your wedding photographer, and "save the date" with us, everyone must make a deposit. This step is for those of you who have already spoken to us and we have agreed on working together.


For Weddings or Special Events of 8hrs, 10hrs, or 12 hrs, the deposit is $400. After your deposit, we will email you access to our "Wedding Tips" or "Special Event Tips" that will help you prepare for your special day.

Please tell us if you want to make your deposit through Venmo instead.


Note that this payment is a deposit that counts toward the remaining balance for the package that you have selected.

Thank you!

            $100 Payment              (plus a $4 PayPal fee)
              $200 Deposit                 (plus a $6 PayPal fee)
$300 Deposit
(plus a $8 PayPal fee)
$400 Deposit
(plus a $10 PayPal fee)