We shoot top-of-the line Videography on 4k resolution. 4k means that our videos surpass HD, giving the scenes 4000 pixels horizontal, as opposed 1080 given by HD. The outcome is that our videos have higher definition quality, more detail, better fast-action, and large projection visibility. Take a look at our videos and you will see how vivid and realistic they look, just as if you were there.


Our prices vary and depend on the type of event, number of guests, and locations that we have to travel to. Give us a call for detailed specifics about the price that will vary according to your event. 

1st Option: A Wedding, Sweet Sixteen, Quinceanera, and any other high profile event that requires more guidance, posing, detail, precision, and experience from the photographer. 

2nd Option: A Special Event such as a party, an anniversary, family gathering, a seminar, a grand opening, or any other easy celebration. 

The minimum requirement is 4hrs for any Special Event and Wedding. Each event is different, so we will work with you to determine which rate works best for you.



When you book us for Videography, this is what you get:




All of our videos are guaranteed detailed editing, stabilizing, and color correction.  Depending on the type of event, you can get the injection of music in the background. All of the videos are shot on 4k format.

Depending on your event, you will receive the following:


-One or Two Videographers, depending on the event.

- A fully edited “Highlight Video” of the event with your choice of music included.

- A separate video recording of your ceremony, or any other Special Moment you desire.

- The length of your videos will depend on the type of event you are having and the amount of hours that you request.

- Complete sound and visual editing.

- All videos recorded on 4k resolution. 

- Our talent, guidance, and professionalism for the time requested.

A Travel fee will apply for all of our services. The price will depend on the location of the event and the amount of hours requested. Our travel fee is $1 per mile from our location on the Northeast of Long Beach. 

Note: There can be a 10% increase in price for any videography services if you call to book within 1 week of your wedding or special event. There can be a 20% increase in price for any videography services if you call to book within 1-2 days of your wedding or special event.